2021 search for umpires

As baseball activities are sure to begin in 2021, we are looking for umpires for the coming season. If you are 13 years of age or older (born 2008 or earlier), you can be a baseball umpire. This position is open to girls as well as boys, for all age groups (you must be able to move easily on the field) and no previous experience is necessary.

Theoretical training for new umpires (level 1) is free and will be conducted on an online platform. Anyone interested can access it and follow the level 1 training course, with no obligation.

All information regarding this training will be available here shortly.

In addition to the successful completion of the online training, you will also need:

  • Complete the various required documents (to follow)
  • Pay the accreditation fees (amount to be confirmed and forthcoming).
  • Follow an on field practical training of 3 to 4 hours in the company of qualified trainers.
  • Obtain the basic Baseball Quebec umpires uniform.

To find out more about baseball refereeing, you can consult the following page, contact the referee manager for the Outaouais region, Sébastien Provost, at arbitres@outaouais.baseballquebec.com, or contact your respective association umpires representative. The respective list is available here.

For the arbitrators who were active in 2019 and in 2020, you have already been joined or you will be joined soon in order to request your participation in 2021.

For a wealth of useful information about umpires, click here to consult the Baseball Quebec umpires page: Umpires - Baseball Québec